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More Ways to Save on Your Breakdown Cover Policy

Breakdown cover is an essential coverage to have if you are driving. Even when you drive a brand-new car, knowing that roadside assistance is only one phone call away is incredibly reassuring. Now that cars are filled with computers and electrical parts, even the slightest malfunction can trigger bigger problems and shut the car down; it is always better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it?

There is also the fact that breakdown cover is now more affordable than you think; there is no reason not to get one and benefit from the coverage. If you want to keep the breakdown cover policy affordable, you can also use these tips and tricks to save on the coverage.

Don’t Pay Twice

The first – and easiest – way to save on breakdown cover is by not paying twice. Some car insurance plans actually include basic breakdown cover as a coverage type. Review your car insurance policy to see if you already have breakdown cover in force.

If you do have breakdown cover from your car insurance, check the coverage terms and other details carefully. You need to understand the kind of assistance you can get, where the breakdown cover is usable, and the way the coverage is delivered.

You will find that not all car insurance includes a comprehensive breakdown cover; the coverage is there, but you are better off buying a standalone breakdown cover policy and dropping the one from your car insurance. With the breakdown cover removed, your car insurance premium will be decreased too.

Scan the Options

It is highly recommended that you spend more time exploring your options before getting quotes from multiple providers. Checking your car insurance and the breakdown cover that comes with it are great, but you mustn’t stop there.

Thanks to web tools and quote aggregators, getting some options to look into isn’t difficult. Within seconds, you can get breakdown cover plans from multiple providers displayed on your computer or smartphone screen, along with the important details about them.
This means you can compare insurance plans and the kind of protections to expect from each policy just as quickly. More importantly, you have the option to set a budget, define filters for the search, and even fine-tune the kind of breakdown cover you want to get.

Personal, Family, and Car

Depending on your situation, you can choose from getting a personal breakdown cover, a family one, or a plan for your car. A personal breakdown cover policy protects you, the driver, from car problems on the road. Regardless of the car you are driving when the problem occurs, you can contact roadside assistance and get help.

A family breakdown cover protects the entire family. When you need to insure your partner and your teens – whose car insurance plans cost you so much already – you can get a much better deal by opting for a family plan.

If you only have one car, however, the way to save is by opting for a car breakdown cover policy. As the name suggests, this type of policy protects only one car and one driver. You can extend the coverage to one other family member with certain plans.

Extend and Fine-Tune

Speaking of extending the breakdown cover policy, you don’t have to go with the most expensive plan to enjoy additional coverage. A basic breakdown cover plan such as those featured on Roadside protects you against issues on the road. When your car breaks down, roadside assistance will try to mend the car on the side of the road. When that is not possible, you get a free tow to the nearest garage.

Add Onward Travel coverage, you also get extra coverage to make sure you get to your destination in time and safely. For example, you will get a ride home should your car needs to be towed to the garage for repair; this saves you from having to wait for the repair to be completed.

There are also add-ons that expands the coverage area of your breakdown cover policy. A nationwide cover protects you at all times as long as you are within the nation’s borders. You can get an European cover as an add-on for one-time use or for a period of 90 days.

Use Discounts

While this last tip may seem obvious, not taking advantage of the best special offers and discounts is still the most common mistake insurance buyers make on the market right now. You can avoid making the same mistake by actively asking for a discount – this may land you an additional discount of up to 10% on your premium – and using the best special offers you can find. With the help of deals sites and the online quote aggregators, deals and discounts are easy to find too.

Combined, these tips will make buying a suitable breakdown cover at the best price easier than ever. With the cost of getting sufficient breakdown cover lowered, there is really no reason why you should not get this insurance coverage and enjoy its benefits.